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OptiTrack Training news story

April 25, 2024 - April 26, 2024

OptiTrack Training

Louisiana State University

Digital Media Center - XR Lab (1001), Baton Rouge

April 25, 2024 - 9:00 AM until:
April 26, 2024 - 2:30 PM

LSU is excited to offer training on the OptiTrack motion capture system. This is used to track cameras for virtual production with the Cinepuck as well as traditional motion capture of human motion and rigid body motion.

If you are interested in attending then please email maubanel@lsu.edu. It is free and open to students and friends of the University.

Training will take place at the Digital Media Center in the XR Lab (1001) on April 25th & 26th.


  • April 25th: 9-4pm
  • April 26th: 8-2:30

Topics we will be covering are:

  1. Proper calibration of the cameras
  2. Set up of cameras for different type of motion capture shoots (people, cameras, static meshes etc…)
  3. Set up of cameras for virtual production camera tracking using the new puck
  4. Minimizing jitter and latency in the camera tracking
  5. Proper use of game skeletons (can we import our own skeletons into Motive or do we have to use your skeleton)?
  6. Suggested workflows for retargeting from Motiv to Maya or Blender (a demonstration of this would be great)
  7. Suggested set up of markers for props (non human static meshes)
  8. Confirm ideal positioning of markers on motion capture actors
  9. Archiving and storing data (Perforce in ascii mode?)
  10. Setting up tracking two cameras in unreal at once with separate frustums
  11. Bringing in Optitrack motion data into meta humans
  12. Communication between Assimilate and Optitrack (I imagine that your trainer might not know about Assimilate but if he does we want to take advantage of his knowledge)?
  13. Best layouts for camera for tracking different scenarios as well as suggestions for increasing and placement of more cameras based on your space layout
  14. Best settings for exporting from Motive to Maya/Motion Builder/Blender
  15. How to use IK iterations to optimize animations and difference between Fine & Coarse iterations
  16. Tips on cleanups inside of Maya & Motive (what type of cleanup is best where)?
  17. What to do when bones get extremely distorted?
  18. How to properly use Motive’s track editor.
  19. Explain labeling pane
  20. Explain gap sizes & interpolation.
  21. When can a shot be rescued and when does it need reshooting?