There have been 15 graduates from the Digital Media Arts & Engineering program since 2016.

We have had 63 students graduate with DMAET and 69 students with the DMART minor degree since 2010.

We have 28 students enrolled in DMAET and 59 students currently enrolled in DMART minor.

There are too many graduates with the minor degrees for the department to track but we are tracking where graduates are working. We have Digital Media Arts & Engineering degree graduates working at Electronic Arts, inXile, High Voltage, MachineMetrics, Interlock Media, King Crow Studios, Microsoft XBOX Live, New Orleans Pelicans, Bank of America, Baton Rouge Community College, Lasell University, LSU and Knock Knock Children's Museum.

The first day of classes will be on August 24th, 2020. Keep looking for updates at the LSU Corona Virus Webpage

Application deadline is October 1st, 2020 for international students and November 1st for domestic applicants. Try and apply as early as possible.

Application deadline is June 17th, 2020 for international students and July 15th for domestic applicants. Try and apply as early as possible.

  • Adobe After Effects 2021 18.4.0
  • Adobe Animate 2021 21.0.7
  • Adobe Audition 2021
  • Adobe Illustrator 2021 25.3.1
  • Adobe Photoshop 22.4.3
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 15.4.0
  • Adobe Substance Designer 2021.2.0
  • Adobe Substance Painter 2021.2.1
  • Adobe XD
  • Autodesk Maya to Arnold 4.2.3
  • Autodesk Maya 2022_ML
  • Box for file access
  • Epic Unreal 4.26.2 & 5.0.0
  • Git (with Bash)
  • Google Chrome 92.0.4515.107
  • Firefox 90.0.2
  • Foundry Katana 4.0V5
  • Foundry Nuke 13.0v3
  • Microsoft VS Code 1.48.0
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.10.4
  • Pixelogic Zbrush 2021.6.4 FL
  • SideFX Houdini 18.5.663
  • Arnold for Houdini (HtoA)
  • Steam, Vive & Oculus drivers
  • Unity 2021.1.15f1
  • YoyoGames GameMaker

The Digital Media Arts & Engineering Program's CIP code is 11.0804.

You can find the up to date list of exempted countries here

For more information regarding residency status, see PM-31 and Louisiana residency for tuition purposes.

If you are a resident of Alabama, you can qualify for the Academic Common Market getting the same tuition rate as an in-state student. More information can be found at SREB.