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Join us for Digital Media Arts & Engineering

Who is This Program For?

Digital Media has been in the domain of engineering and the digital arts but has expanded into many other disciplines. With a rapid acceleration in gamification, low cost portable devices and app development the possible fields affected by digital media is growing. It has relevance in mass communication, business development, communication studies and architecture to name a few.

Louisiana State University (LSU) student studying


General information can be found at the Graduate School Admission page.

Applications and supporting material must be submitted through the application site for the LSU Graduate School at Graduate Studies Admission. You will be applying for a Digital Media Arts & Engineering - MS as your intended degree program which is listed in the Interdisciplinary Programs in the LSU Graduate Program Degrees Webpage.

A digital portfolio needs to included in your online application. This portfolio can include artwork (scanned or digitally created), written work, projects, and source code (if applicable). Applicants are also required to take the GRE exam. Please call 225-578-8907 if you would like to ask any questions or discuss this requirement further. More information on graduate school eligibility and more can be found on their Application Requirements Page.

International students can find out more information about admission requirements for international students at LSU International Admissions.


All criteria set by the graduate school applies to the Digital Arts & Engineering Program. Applicants must adhere to the application requirements and deadlines set by the LSU Graduate School. For commonly asked questions please see the Graduate School FAQ. Additionally, a digital portfolio needs to be submitted for admittance. The portfolio can contain one or more of the following: digital and traditional artwork, digital project work, source code, software, website, or digital music and composition. We expect students to enter the program with some digital artistic, musical or technical skills. Final admission to the program will be made by the Digital Media Arts & Engineering program. Applicants will also need to take the GRE exam. This can be arranged at your local institution or you can visit LSU Office of Assessment & Evaluation and search for information regarding the GRE exam.

DMAE Program Fees

Funding information can be found at LSU Graduate School Funding. A list of available Grad Assistantships can be found at the LSU News and Events Job Board. The below estimates are for starting during the 2020-21 academic year with full-time studies, part time fees will be prorated accordingly. The costs include all DMAE program fees and tuition.

SemesterEstimaded In-State Total CostsEstimaded Out-Of-State Total Cost

*Costs include all program fees, college fees and tuition. All above costs listed are estimates; the University may modify tuition and/or fees at any time without advance notice.

Finding Graduate Assistanthips

There are some helpful resources and tools to help you find Graduate Assistantships across campus. The LSU Graduate School also provides some helpful information about the types of Graduate Assistantships at LSU and includes available opportunities in their Weekly Announcements.

Some departments may choose to post open positions on Handshake, the LSU Olinde Career Center’s online career resource. You can reach out to Marc to request advance access to Handshake (normally it is open a week prior to your start but we can arrange for early site access upon your acceptance). If you do not see information about Graduate Assistantships, you can reach out to someone in the department to inquire about potential opportunities.

Grants, fellowships, scholarships, and loans are other options to pay for graduate school. These have different requirements and deadlines. The LSU Graduate School page is a great resource in regards to pointing you towards resources for funding graduate school.

Applying for Positions

Create a professional email template to use when reaching out to any LSU faculty or staff. Consider asking them about a time to meet and discuss potential opportunities rather than just asking for a position. Try to also show your interest by doing research on their department, lab, research, or other relevant information.

As you are applying to positions, make sure to update your resume/CV using some resources on our website. Create a spreadsheet or similar method to keep track of the Graduate Assistantships you have applied to or the contacts you have emailed. This process can take a lot of time, energy, and effort. Set some SMART goals for yourself about reaching out or applying to opportunities. SMART goals are goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound.

Tuition Award

The Graduate School Tuition Awards program was created to increase the cultural and ethnic diversity of the graduate student body. The Tuition Award is a two year award that provides the recipient an exemption for tuition as well as the non-resident fee, if applicable. The recipient will still be responsible for other university fees.

  • Must be a member of one of the following groups:
    • African American
    • Hispanic American
    • Native American
    • Citizen of a Latin American or Caribbean country
    • Citizen of under-represented Country
    • McNair Program participant
    • Must be enrolled full-time upon enrollment in a degree program.
    • Must be regularly admitted.

Please email Marc Aubanel if you would like to want information or be nominated for the award.