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Epic Animation Fellowship author photo
  • Marc Aubanel
  • maubanel@lsu.edu
  • Director, Digital Media Arts & Engineering

Epic Animation Fellowship

October 09, 2023

Louisiana State University

Van Phan, a remote instructor for LSU took part in Epic's first Unreal Animation Fellowship. Unreal is really ramping up their in game rigging and animation toolset allowing artists to create sophisticated animated sequences all in engine. Take a look at the video and the amazing results!

Over 110 individuals ranging from industry professionals, training and education partners and applicants from the general public completed a 3 week program emphasizing keyframe and mocap animation in the engine. Fellows were separated into 8 teams of 14 Fellows each where they constructed “exquisite corpse” projects designed to take the animated contribution from one Fellow and creatively merge it into the next Fellow’s work. The final sequences are equivalent to reels that would normally take months to complete and they are spectacular!