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2023 Graduating Class news story
2023 Graduating Class author photo
  • Marc Aubanel
  • maubanel@lsu.edu
  • Director, Digital Media Arts & Engineering

2023 Graduating Class

May 19, 2023

Louisiana State University

It is with great joy and sadness that we part ways with the Graduating Class of 2023 from the LSU DMAE program. It was a beautiful day at LSU in Baton Rouge at the Peter Maravich Assembly Center featuring over 700 graduating students from Undergrad, Master and PhD programs in the College of Engineering!

The night before the ceremony we went out for dinner at Chimes just off campus. All the grads are either already in jobs or moving into their new positions shortly. We are going to be separated with students leaving for New Jersey and California as well as staying home in Louisiana.

Graduation Dinner

Zeyu came all the way from China and was a natural level designer and lighting artist. He also spent a lot of time modelling and using Unreal's various tools including Niagara particles.

He was part of a team that made a game called Vesna, a turn-based fantasy combat game using Unreal Engine 5!

Marc & Zeyu

Victoria was the first deaf professional I have worked with in my career. It was a big challenge to try and adapt and make it work for the team and for Victoria. She spent a lot of time on UX Design and this was the first time Victoria worked on video games and was new to the turn based combat game genre.

Marc & Victoria

Sadie handled all the storytelling in the game and worked with a plug-in called the Visual Novel Framework. She also handled all social media and working on submitting the game on Steam.

Leo was the only programmer on the team and handled the daunting task of programming the entire game and using Unreal's Ability system as well as some tricks he brought to the game. He did an admiral job of supporting the entire team and coding 99% of the entire experience.

Katie took a leadership role on the art side and modelled all the characters for the game as well as helping out in countless areas. The game looks amazing and Katie is a large part of this.

Graduating Class

Vesna is coming to Steam on June 1st, 2023 after working on it for 45 weeks - check it out! Class of 2023 I miss you all already, very best luck in your future careers!