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World Peace 3D Scan author photo
  • Jason Jamerson
  • jasonjamerson@lsu.edu
  • Assistant Professor of Virtual Production and Immersive Media

World Peace 3D Scan

April 25, 2023

Louisiana State University

As part of the LSU Museum;s Digital Twin project our very own DMAE grads took part in preserving a part of Louisiana art history. The students scanned Thornton Dial's World Peace. Thornton's work consisted of scavenged and found materials that helped tell the story of black struggle in the south. These assemblages are not archival and will eventually be lost (or changed) due to time. This scanning provides very high detail 3-D reperesentations of Thornton's work that will outlast the lifespan of the art itself and preserve them for the history books. High resolution scanning has come down in cost and can be done with incredible detail and precision. DMAE students have been working on various scanning processes for the NASA Digital Twin and for classwork.