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Chris White on 8111 news story
Chris White on 8111 author photo
  • Marc Aubanel
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Chris White on 8111

March 09, 2021

Louisiana State University

Chris White from Weta was up at LSU for Redstick in 2018 and shared some of the amazing work that they do in New Zealand. Chris was recently featured on Matt Wallin's podcast 8111. Chris is interviewed on the April 19th episode. These long form podcast formats really let the interviewer get deep into a person's career and past. Chris covers his upbringing in Virginia, his schooling, how he got into the industry through to today.

Matt is a VFX veteran who worked at ILM, Tippett Studio and Weta to name a few. He teaches at VCU Arts.

If you are interested in other episodes he has interviewed many VFX professionals. Thanks to Ken Wesley for turning me on to this podcast and for inviting Chris to come to Baton Rouge!