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Lost Nebula (Entagled Spaces) author photo
  • Ken Wesley
  • kwesley@lsu.edu
  • Faculty, LSU Digital Media Arts & Engineering

Lost Nebula (Entagled Spaces)

July 12, 2016

Louisiana State University

A couple of months ago, just before the end of the LSU Spring semester, Baton Rouge hosted its 2016 Red Stick Festival, the annual international event which celebrates technology, art, entertainment, and exploration . One of the exceedingly awesome programs at this year's Red Stick was a concert/performance given by members of Jesse Allison's Experimental Music Class.

This event was staged beneath (and projected on) the large planetarium dome of the Louisiana Art & Science Museum . One of DMAE's very own, Brandon Bailey, was in Jesse's class and he contributed to the program with a stunning audio-visual piece that he gave the title "Lost Nebula". Brandon created the visuals (including rendering) using the game creation software Unity, and then composed and recorded some of his typically brilliant and unique music to accompany these pictures. Here's a video of Brandon's "Lost Nebula". Great work, Brandon!