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NOLA Game Developers Meetup Jan '18 news story

January 24, 2018 - Invalid date

NOLA Game Developers Meetup Jan '18

Wed Jan 24 Reschedule

Louise then Turbosquid

935 Gravie Suite 1600, New Orleans

January 24, 2018 - 6:00 PM until:
Invalid date - Invalid date

Come to the rescheduled January NOLA Game Developers Meetup and find out what LSU digital art students are up to in the field of game development. Video Game Prototyping is a multidisciplinary undergraduate class at LSU that features 8 students working on quick 2-D prototypes to develop proficiency in scripting, animation, game design, audio design and mechanics design.

The class works on 7 prototypes that utilize various aspects of game development using a most of the features of the SDK. We use GML to practice scripting so that students can develop their own mechanics and explore their interactive concepts to their fullest extent. The class encourages experimentation and risk taking.

Come see what LSU is up to and play some select prototypes from the class. We meet at 6-7pm at Louise on the first floor then move to Turbosquid at 7pm on the 16th floor.