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LSU @ Chillennium 2019 author photo
  • Marc Aubanel
  • maubanel@cct.lsu.edu
  • Director of LSU Digital Media Arts &amp; Engineering

LSU @ Chillennium 2019

November 08, 2019

Louisiana State University

LSU sent 23 students, a mix of undergrads and graduates on October 4th, 2019 to Texas A&M. They competed in the world's largest student led game jam - Chillennium 2019. This is the second year that LSU attended Chillenium and fielded more teams with more students. The participants created 6 games in 48 hours using Unity and GameMaker. The theme of the game jam was All for One and One for All.

After a herculean effort put in by our students, two of the games won awards in Best Art and Best UX/UI. You can try out some of the games. There was an infinite runner called Follow the Leader, a virtual reality game Four - Forgotten Outcasts Unbound By Reality, an adventure game that won best art Headspace and a math platformer that won best UX/UI A Numbers Game.