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Marshmallow's Playground author photo
  • Marc Aubanel
  • maubanel@cct.lsu.edu
  • Director of LSU Digital Media Arts &amp; Engineering

Marshmallow's Playground

June 25, 2019

Louisiana State University

I have taught a GameMaker video game prototyping class for many years now and am always amazed by the occasional student who just has a natural talent for game development as a holistic enterprise. A student who appreciates the sacrifices of artwork, performance, gameplay and the finer details of a well throught through mechanic. This semester was a suprising one with some fabulous student work.

There is a great audio track that came with the prototype but that has been removed as it was not original content.

This was a two part assignment where students created tiles and animated sprites at first, then added to an adventure game architecture to create a simple role playing prototype. This is a tricky project as a lot of new information is introduced. This student did an amazing job at not only creating an entire original world from scratch, but radically improved the visual look of the starter I provided, and added not a prototype - but a completely realized level.

Take a look at what can be done in 3-4 weeks of classtime!