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Air Cargo Podcast news story
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  • Marc Aubanel
  • maubanel@lsu.edu
  • Director, Digital Media Arts & Engineering

Air Cargo Podcast

April 22, 2024

Louisiana State University

Bob Fudickar, Marc Aubanel, Derick Ostrenko and Greg Porter all appeared on the Air Cargo Next podcast. The panelists discussed LSU and Sev1Tech's work with Digital Twins and the future of manufacturing.

Digital twins “transform business by being able to accelerate holistic understanding of data across the business … and help optimize decision-making, and drive actions,” Porter said.

We use “real–time and historical data to represent both the past and the present, and then do what we call ‘front–running simulations’ to simulate predicted features as well,” he added. “Digital twins are really motivated by the outcomes. And they need to be tailored to use cases.”

Listen to the full episode on digital twins and our role in air cargo next.