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LSU MoA Thornton Dial Exhibit Photogrammetry news story
LSU MoA Thornton Dial Exhibit Photogrammetry author photo
  • Jason Jamerson
  • jasonjamerson@lsu.edu
  • Assistant Professor of Virtual Production and Immersive Media

LSU MoA Thornton Dial Exhibit Photogrammetry

April 04, 2023

Louisiana State University

This Spring DMAE students and faculty are working in collaboration with the LSU Museum of Art to create digital assets of sculptures in one of their current exhibits, “I, Too, Am Thornton Dial.”

lsu students taking photogrametry pictures

DMAE students Katherine Wilson and Meredyth Yorek are using photogrammetry techniques pioneered in our Digital Twinning Studio to create high quality 3D assets for interactive exhibition and archival. This work is related to the ongoing project to create a Digital Twin of the MoA.

lsu students taking somre more photogrametry pictures

Dial drew inspiration from his life experiences, blending complex themes like Civil Rights, race, class, and family into sophisticated arrangements crafted with found objects—everything from bones, wood, toys, metal, and clothing. His condensed assemblages, although compactly layered with commonplace fragments of life, move with a lightness, pulling the viewer in to explore the cracks and crevices of the varied surface.

lsu students working on laptop

After meeting the Atlanta-based collector William Arnett in late 1980s, Dial gained national attention, with his artwork being shown and acquired by large institutions across the United States. The artist died on January 25, 2016, in McCalla, Alabama.

lsu students taking more photogrametry pictures