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Microsoft Game Studios Game Camp news story
Microsoft Game Studios Game Camp author photo
  • Marc Aubanel
  • maubanel@cct.lsu.edu
  • Director, LSU Digital Media Arts & Engineering

Microsoft Game Studios Game Camp

February 13, 2020

Louisiana State University

Louisiana is fortunate to have an opportunity to work with professional game developers on XBox 360 Game Development kits. This is an event open to all adults throughout the region. This includes students and working professionals.

Dev kits will be made available in New Orleans but teams can develop games at home and use the xbox dev kits to test builds on occasion opening up participation to the entire southern region of the state. Teams can work on their games based on their own schedules.

For anyone who is even curious about a career in the games idustry should considering participating as it will give you a taste of what the job entails. It will also develop teamwork skills as games is a multi disciplinary group effort. Registration starts on March 9th at bit.ly/3buaBxf.

I strongly recommend this to all LSU students and not just seniors. This is a perfect format for anyone who has never worked on a game as you not only have time to make an interesting game - but you have time to learn and hone your craft.

More information can be found at: bit.ly/38tkvgA.