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  • Marc Aubanel
  • Director, LSU Digital Media Arts & Engineering

LSU Digital Media Summer Camps

April 03, 2019

Louisiana State University

Learn from the Pros

How often do you get a chance to learn from the very best professionals who have worked on giant franchises such as Star Wars and Star Trek? Join LSU's very own Ken Wesley for two summer camps in Art, Animation and Gamd Development.

CGI Modeling & Animation for Beginners
In partnership with LSU Digital Media Arts & Engineering and LSU College of Art & Design
June 10th - 14th
In this week-long camp you’ll learn basic techniques for creating and animating CGI models. We’ll talk about the history of animation and where 3D computer animation is today. We’ll cover topics like creating materials and textures for computer models as well as how to light them. We’ll practice some entry-level techniques so that by the end of the week you’ll be able to create some simple CGI animations on your own. Anticipate campus activities/tours as well.

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Unity for Video Games
In partnership with LSU Digital Media Arts & Engineering and LSU College of Art & Design
July 8th - 12th
Unity is one of the leading video game engines. It’s free to download and easy to learn with great online tutorials. In this week-long camp, you’ll learn the basic building blocks that go into creating your first video game using Unity. If you’re thinking of taking this class, it would be good to take the summer camp “CGI Modeling and Animation for Beginners” to get some background information about how CGI works that will help you get more out of this class. Anticipated campus activities/tours as well.

To sign up for either of these camps please go to LSU Continuing Education.