Faculty & Staff

Headshot of Jesse Allison, music faculty at Louisiana State University (LSU)


Jesse Allison, is an innovator in sonic art technology, thought, and practice. His work centers around the idea that computer interactivity, used wisely, can produce new and engaging...

Headshot of Marc Aubanel, engineering & art faculty at Louisiana State University (LSU)


Marc Aubanel, Director of DMAE, is a 15 year veteran of video game development and has worked on multiple titles such as FIFA Soccer, Need for Speed Underground and Marvel Nemesis.

Headshot of Edgar Berdahl, music faculty at Louisiana State University (LSU)


Edgar Berdahl, is an Assistant Professor at the School of Music and at the Center for Computation and Technology. He studies how new music is influenced by new technology and vice...

Headshot of Alison Burkley, instructor at Louisiana State University (LSU)


Alison Burkley, attended LSU prior to graduating and is originally from Louisiana. Her specialty is in character modelling, ZBrush sculptures and concept art. Alison worked in...

Headshot of Xin Li, electrical and computer engineering faculty at Louisiana State University (LSU)


Xin Li, is an associate professor in School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, LSU. He leads the Geometric and Visual Computing (GVC) lab. His research focus is...

Headshot of Hye Yeon Nam, art faculty at Louisiana State University (LSU)

Hye Yeon

Hye Yeon Namis a digital media artist working on interactive installations, performance video, speculative design, and experimental games. She is a PhD candidate in digital media...

Headshot of Derick Ostrenko, art faculty at Louisiana State University (LSU)


Derick Ostrenko, received his MFA in digital media from the Rhode Island School of Design. He holds joint appointments at LSU: he is the program coordinator and associate professor of...

Headshot of Gabriele Piccoli, ISDS faculty at Louisiana State University (LSU)


Gabriele Piccoli, is the Edward G. Schlieder Chair of Information Sciences and a member of the Cultural Computing group at the Center for Computation and Technology at Louisiana State...

Headshot of Generic Silhouette


Lance Porter directs the Social Media Analysis and Creation (SMAC) Lab in the Manship School of Mass Communication. He has focused on digital media since 1995, when he built his...

Headshot of Susan Ryan, art history faculty at Louisiana State University (LSU)


Susan Ryan, Ph.D. is a Professor in the School of Art where she teaches contemporary and new media art history. She served on the Steering Committee for the LSU Laboratory for...

Headshot of Ken Wesley, DMAE faculty at Louisiana State University (LSU)


Ken Wesley, is an instructor in the Digital Media Arts & Engineering program at LSU. He has worked for more than 30 years in the field of computer animation and visual effects at...

Jinwei Ye headshot, an assistant professor in Computer Science at (LSU)


Jinwei Ye, is an assistant professor in the Division of Computer Science and Engineering at LSU. Her research interests are in the areas of computer vision, computer graphics,...