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Avengers Age of Ultron news author

Avengers Age of Ultron 

Please join us for a FREE movie night at the Digital Media Center at LSU. We will be featuring Marvel Age of Ultron with special guest CG Supervisor Chad Wiebe, who worked on the film.

Chad Wiebe has been working on feature films since 2000 and has worked on X2, Catwomen, X-Men The Last Stand…

Ellis, Lesson's Learned, Madeline's Oil news author

Ellis, Lesson's Learned, Madeline's Oil 

It is not very often that you get to view short films and the venues for filmmakers are limited. Join us on November 16th for three short films.

Director Zak Penn will be answering questions about the movie or his other work before the screening of the film. Zak is an established screenwriter who…

Ex Machina news author

Ex Machina 

Please join us for a FREE movie night at the Digital Media Center at LSU. We will be featuring Ex Machina and will include a talk by the Director of the Narrative Intelligence Lab at UNO, Stephen Ware.

DMAE Film Series

Next Screening: Monday, September 14th, 2015; 7:00PM (doors open at 6:30pm) Film…

Gameloading: Rise of the Indies news author

Gameloading: Rise of the Indies 

Join the summer crowd at LSU and the local indie game development community to see a FREE screening of the new film Game Over: Rise of the Indies (2015). This screening is brought to you by the IGDA Baton Rouge Chapter as well as the DMAE program and CCT.

"An interesting documentary about the indie…

Godzilla (2014) news author

Godzilla (2014) 

Come unwind and join us for a FREE movies at the Digital Media Center at LSU. We will be featuring Godzilla and will feature a talk by Visual Effect Artis, Craig Houston who will discuss the ins and outs of stereoscopic compositing. This is open to the general public.

With stereoscopic production…

Revolution OS news author

Revolution OS 

CDMAE & CCT are proud to present Revolution OS. "The film is a documentary that traces the twenty-year history of GNU, Linux, open source, and the free software movement. Dr. Robert Kooima will discuss what has changed since the movie was made and put it in a modern context with today's challenges.

"Directed by J. T. S. Moore, the film features interviews with prominent hackers and entrepreneurs including Richard Stallman, Michael Tiemann, Linus Torvalds, Larry Augustin, Eric S. Raymond, Bruce Perens, Frank Hecker and Brian Behlendorf." - Wikipedia

Bayou Maharajah news author

Bayou Maharajah 

LSU, CCT, DMAE, LSU English, LSU Theater and LSU Program in Film and Media Arts are proud to announce a night of FREE movies at the Digital Media Center at LSU. We will be featuring Bayou Maharajah and will feature a talk by Director Lily Keber on making and producing this award winning documentary…

LSU Global Game Jam 2015 news author

LSU Global Game Jam 2015 

Innovation - Experimentation - Collaboration: The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world's largest game jam event (game creation). This is LSU’s second year as a participant in this exciting development festival. Think of it as a hackathon focused on game development. It is the growth of an idea that in…

Twister news author


"Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt and Carey Elwes may be billed as the stars of Twister, but the film's real attractions are the cyclones themselves. Best experienced in a theater, the nail-biting, blow-the-audience-out-of-their-seats computer generated graphics, cutting edge sound and other special effects…