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2023 Events Archive

Virtual Space and the Music Industry news author

Virtual Space and the Music Industry 

LSU is taking part in a national virtual tour and discussion with the Nvak Collective. The Nvak Collective is a next generation record label and artist advocacy collective that fully embraces Web 3.0 to drive change for creators.Nvak Collective is rebuilding the music industry from the ground up by…
Talk to Swaybox Studios news author

Talk to Swaybox Studios 

Swaybox is again ramping up for a few productions this summer and is looking for a wide range of entry level folks (compositors, modelers, sculptors, animators and generalists). If you are interested finding out more please join Josh Fleig (Vice President of Business Development at Greater New…
Telling Our Stories - Katrina Babies news author

Telling Our Stories - Katrina Babies 

Manship School of Mass Communication at LSU presents: 2nd Annual Telling Our Stories Event Katrina Babies Film Screening & Discussion with Director, Edward Buckles, Jr. Join us for a screening of this HBO documentary and a conversation with director, Edward Buckles, Jr. of New Orleans, LA about how…
LSU - Chillennium 2023 news author

LSU - Chillennium 2023 

Description LSU DMAE (Digital Media Arts & Engineering program), Computer Science, The College of Art & Design, and the College of Engineering invite LSU students interested in competing in the world's largest student led game jam to be part of the LSU Chillennium 2023 team. LSU will provide…